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Losing your important data from Thumb Drives and Flash Cards

A compact flash card is a common mast storage device which uses the flash memory in a standardized asylum. This card is used in various portable electronic devices like camcorders, cameras, music players, DSLRs, game devices, etc. to store videos, audio files, photos, and other multimedia files in order to make the portability easier.

The major issue with these flash drives and cards is that they are very fragile and can lose your data in no time. But, to solve this issue, you use certain methods in which you just need to plug in your flash card or thumb drive in the USB port and run the software that can recover its data. This software will clear up the bad sectors and retrieve the contents for you.

Flash drive

If you accidently pressed the format button on a digital camera and have lost some important and valuable pictures from your last trip, don’t worry as the data doesn’t get completely erased from the CF Card on formatting or deletion. Only the file properties and names get deleted, rest the content is still somewhere around there in the   card which can be recovered. You’d need a Compact card recovery tool which can help you get back all your lost data and contents. There’s just a certain way to lose the data completely and that is if you overwrite on the data that has been lost. This means that once you’ve lost some data, do not use that flash card for any other storage till you recover the previous contents.

This kind of problem can occur with anyone, especially with the ones who regularly use these electrical equipments such as Digital Camera and Camcorder. Various reasons for a lost data are:

  • Pressing the reformatting button on the camera
  • Accidently deleting an important content
  • Different reason of damage like turning off while reading/writing, low battery power, light fluctuation, etc.

Talking about thumb drives, they are not reliable media by nature. These are small in size and are very effective when it comes to portability. It can slip inside your pocket or can be used as a key chain. But, one must avoid storing a data on thumb drives  which you cannot afford to lose. Though some brands offer more reliability, but you just cannot trust the flash drives 100%.

If your thumb drive crashes, you can still restore the data from it, however recovering data is a destructive process in most cases as it corrupts the boot sector in the drive; this makes the section useless. Your computer uses thumb drives as mini hard disks. Therefore, in case they crash, they can attain their full functionality only after a clean format.

You may thank some of the data recovery software and applications that are available over the internet and in the market which can be used to restore the important data that you have on these mini hard disks. No one can assure you a complete recovery, but hey, something’s better than nothing.


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