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What Exactly Are Phishing Attacks?


Phishing is an online con game that very many tech-savvies engage in to rip innocent people. This is a con that involves identity theft from people’s social accounts which may be used to commit some crimes. In recent times there has been a lot of claims of people engaging in their acts and hence ripping innocent unsuspecting people off of their money or committing crimes that lead to the innocent being caught.

How this works

Normally what happens is these people send you mass messages that appear to be coming from a certain company and normally has the company name and logo so most people do not suspect anything. This message on your email may sometimes require you to provide confidential information. Other times there is a URL attached to the email whereby the URL again just as the email appears legit. This hence makes it hard to identify it as a bogus web page. Once you click on it, you will be asked to provide some confidential information again which is what these people are after. You may be asked for information such as your password, account numbers, social security number among many others. Because of a large number of messages sent out, the phisher hopes there are some people who will be duped and provide their information and hence use it.

Other types of phishing scams.

Apart from this, there is also the case where these people again target a business. Here they will use the information of another business they may have gotten from some very questionable source or somewhere else so that they may appear legitimate. This is one of the wars that the internet is under from some of the online con people.

What to look out for

When you receive an email or a message claiming to be from a bank in most cases you should first check it out to ensure that it is actually there. In some cases, you may even receive a phone call. In that case be careful to check everything out and be very careful to see if there are any discrepancies that may be signs of this fraud activities. Before giving your details be careful to verify that it is truly your bank or telecommunications operator so as to avoid falling into such traps and being a victim.


These are scams that have been there for a very long time. What is best is ensuring that your information is safe and nor given to the people. Guard your confidential information very carefully and well these people are out there to get others and scam them.


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