What is ShmooCon and why attend?

Form many people interest in Cybersecurity and hacking, there are several conferences that one should never miss, the Shmoocan being one of them. This is a conference which is attended by most people who are big in the cyber security industry. This is one of the big conferences in the security industry. The story of how much this loved is told by the fact that it is the tickets sell out very early and many people sometimes don’t get to attend. This is a conference that is geared to educate more people on cybersecurity and how it works including some of the vulnerabilities of the cyber system we have.


CybersecurityThis is an event that was created in the 1990s and has been on ever since then. It is an event that was created by the Shmoo group and has, in turn, lasted all this time. This is an event that attracts very many hackers, cybersecurity enthusiasts among many others. All these come here to be taught how everything works and other details on this. Every year there are many people who look forward to attending the whole thing hence it is usually packed.

Advantages of going for Shmoocon.

The tickets are affordable and available. It is much cheaper compared to some of the other IT events and this one is usually one of the cheapest there is out there. Apart from that, there are also carefully selected speakers and talks that are geared to improve the skill sets of the people in there. The other major reason why many people attend is that it is packed and full of various presentations all which are amazing and educational. This is one place where you will go in and come out more knowledgeable then you might have one in.

Over the years more and more people have started attending the event. This event, however, has lower attendance than others such as Defcon. The developers of the event decided that they would keep it well nit and with a low number of attendance which makes it the go-to event. This is one of the very most important events there is. It has been specifically designed as an exclusive event and one that is of great importance. The tickets are usually 150 dollars and the tickets are usually bought very fast immediately after their release.


This is an event that very many security firm and details attend to increase their knowledge of all this is very important.


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