Why use a Tablet PC instead of a Laptop?

It is important to get the facts right. The tablet was invented after the laptop. So basically whoever invented the tablet was looking at the shortcomings of a laptop and incorporating their solutions on the tablets. Such shortcomings include the size, portability and even battery life. However, the fact that the laptop is still in the market in a big way means that it still got some advantages that make it worth buying. Maybe, it could make more sense to acquire both because they tend to complement each other.

Some of the merits of a tablet compared to the laptop include:

Battery life

A tablet has an unquestionably larger battery life. Well, technically there are laptops with an outstanding battery life of close to 17 hours such as the Dell XPS 13, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro. The thing is; the research is based on the entire species rather than the chosen few. The tablet wins hands down. This makes tablets more reliable in cases of power failure compared to laptops.


There are king-sized tablets in the market – bigger than the small sized laptops – like 12-inch iPad Pro tablet which weighs 713 grams compared to the Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air which weighs 1.08kgs. The laptop weighs more but it its much smaller compared to the tablet. This are isolated cases, but generally, the tablet is lighter in weight and smaller in size thus making it way more portable compared to the laptop.

Less clumsy

Attempts to use laptops while on transit could prove to be very cumbersome. Tablets, on the other hand, are fairly easy to operate. They are more like phones. One can use one hand to hold a tablet while the other comfortably navigate through the display. For one to use a laptop, one must first flip it open and at least place it on a relatively flat surface. Due to its bulky nature, it is almost impossible to use it while walking.


This might have been the main idea for the conception of a tablet. In this territory, it has no equal; it reigns. The tablet’s design is in between that of a phone and that of a laptop. It can perform the basic functions of a laptop and most of the functions of a phone. Apart from sending and receiving emails and texts, you can use a tablet to call someone. It can also take videos as well as pictures with ease compared to a laptop which is somewhat rigid and bulky. The in-between function of a laptop is basically its selling point.

There are definitely areas where laptops may perform better than tablets but in the above factors, the tablets prevail. With the ever-evolving technology though, it is hard to tell which one of the two has a brighter future. All that one can do is to watch and wait.


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