What You Don’t Know About Computer Virus That Will Shock You

Almost every individual who owns a computer has had firsthand experience with a computer virus. A virus is a program that copy`s itself onto the computer. While there are viruses that are not destructive to the PC and can do no harm, some of the viruses are deadly. These viruses cause harm by rendering vital information in the computer inaccessible, formatting the hard drive, the breakdown of the computer and can also lead to the damage of the BIOS in the motherboard.

There are various and popular myths that are associated with computer viruses. These myths are found in the web and it should be noted that they are not true for instance that antivirus is the ultimate protection from all the viruses.

There are various types of computer viruses. These include:

first virusesThe first viruses- These viruses appear around the 1960s-1970s whereby in some of the US laboratories they noticed that apart from the regular program that was normally found in the computers, there were other programs that were controlling themselves. Later the term computer viruses were developed. These viruses were not difficult to notice as they did not hide from the user as they showed various kinds of messages on the computer hence inconveniencing the user while working. Thereafter an antivirus was developed to curb the menace.

Software Viruses-these viruses embedded themselves as separate viruses onto the computer and hence the user ended up running it causing damage to the BIOS of the motherboard. However, the best way to fight this kind of viruses was to update the Windows operating system, installing an antivirus such as Avast and also avoid running suspicious program in which their sources are unknown.

Macro viruses-This can be caused by replacing the old macros with anew. The most well-known macro viruses the Mellis that dominated in 1999.

Script based viruses-The macro viruses belong to the script based viruses. Microsoft is not the only package in the computer that uses scripts. Other software packages include both the media and Internet Explorer. Most of the script based viruses are sent as emails and at times can be disguised in form of pictures and music. The best and effective means to fight these viruses is to regularly update the operating system, download an antivirus and also avoid opening suspicious files and running such programs from unknown files.

Trojan horse-This is a program that gets its way into one`s computer by tricking the user to download something from the internet.

Malware is a kind of program that has been set to change an individual’s settings without their permission whatsoever.


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